alberto savinio

A Musical Puking

Previously published in The Dada Reader: A Critical Anthology, Ed. Dawn Ades, Translated from the French by Ian Monk, London: Tate 2006.

martin glaberman

Factory songs of Mr. Toad

Previously published in Martin Glaberman, Factory songs of Mr Toad, Detroit: Bewick Editions, 1994.

commune editions

Elegy, or the poetics of surplus

Previously published at

matteo pasquinelli

The Sabotage of Rent

Previously published in Undoing Property, Berlin: Sternberg Press, 2013.

lawrence abu hamdan

Aural Contract: Forensic listening and the reorganisation of the speaking subject

This version edited by Cesura//Acceso, 2014.

anthony iles / eve lear

Media, Secession, Recession

Previous version published in Tomislav Medak & Petar Milet (Eds.), The Idea of Radical Media, Zagreb: Multimedijalni Institut, 2013.